Fred Blackburn

Four Corners History

Apperaances / Research

2018 Schedule

  • Jefferson County Open School: Research Program: Dowizhebeto Canyon NE Arizona: March 13-19, 2018
  • Grand Junction Archaeological Society book club. February 26, 2018
  • Ute Mountain Ute Bird Festival:  Guide: Thursday May 10,11, 2018: Bluff, Utah May 13, 2017: Dolores River and Lizard Head: Reservations made through the Cortez Cultural Center

Currently I am championing the following causes:

Students at Jefferson County Open School in Lakewood, Colorado, have for more than 20 years contributed in large and small ways to the publications that you may wish to purchase on the books page, and they continue to work with my research on the Navajo surrounding Navajo National Monument. Students need help in funding to continue up to five weeks of research documenting historic inscriptions and their links to early expeditions. Read more about them and/or make donations direct to Jacob Sliemers, or at the school here.

We are attempting to unravel the complex historic cultural movements and archaeological discovery of a very isolated and environmentally hostile area, in a multiple year partnership with Jefferson County Open School, the Navajo Tribe, and National Park Service. We at times need help and encourage donations/volunteers to enable us to continue our efforts, and provide scholarships for students..I am documenting and researching the inscription history of Navajo National Monument in Northern Arizona. Funding for that effort is nearly non-existent. Your donation helps speed our effort of making sense of a complex cultural history of historic and prehistoric sites. Contact me by email for more information.

Keep checking this area. We always have surprises; other opportunities may present themselves.

We hope to continue summer internships for students working in the documentation of my archives as well as exposure to the cultures of the Four Corners.  

My  current focus is to wrap up and organize the 1000’s of records in my personal archives. Organize and properly lable, store, and create data bases for the eventual donation to at least three archives. Telluride Museum, Center for Southwest Studies, and the majority to Edge of the Cedars Museum in Blanding to aid in the protection and information for the threatened Bears Ears National Monument. For updates and further information please visit my “Save the Archives” Go Fund Me Site. I use this site first for a blog second for fundraising.

Several writing projects are stalled as priority has shifted to the Archive project. They include: Snyder;s Well and Aztec Springs, The reverse archaeology of the expeditions of Prayer Rock,  The historic inscriptions of Long House in Long House Valley. The Historic Inscriptions of Bubbling Springs, The Historic Inscriptions of Upper Long Canyon,  The Historic Inscriptions of Keet Seel Canyon and Dowishebeto Canyon.



“In these cultural and natural history tours of the Southwest, including Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park, I provide interpretive assistance as a step on guide and educator. You provide the transportation. I design individualized educational programming according to the needs of the individual, family, institution, or school. I was appointed as a temporary guide by the Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Chairman in 2017 and am able to guide groups in the Ute Mountain Tribal Park under the authority of the director.

“I have often been asked to give an in-depth cultural view of the Four Corners area. I work with licensed outfitters and institutions to present a most interesting tour tailored to your learning interests.

“Costs are developed based upon my or other experts’ daily base fee and any other logistical or educational/interpretive support we agree on while designing your personalized tour.

“I promise to deliver a different and definitive perspective of current and past cultures as well as detailed interpretation of the local natural environment. See Gallery pics above to give you an idea…

“We at times offer volunteer opportunities with my partners in the National Park Service and Bureau of Land Management. Contact me via email for details on these unique possibilities, or check on my research page to find out what help is needed in archives or the field documentation process. No fees are charged to you as a volunteer. Individuals are chosen by written application and specific research requirements.” — Fred Blackburn

Contact me if you would like to arrange a specially tailored tour.


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